All You Need to Know About Dog Chews

Everyone knows that dogs just love to chew. By chewing, dogs can explore the world around them. This also helps in cleaning their teeth and is a good exercise for their jaws. Which is why it is very important that you provide your dog with the right chewing toys so that they d not chew on something that can turn it around and become destructive.

Anything that is made up of hard plastic and nylon is a big no for dog chews. Not only it will damage your dog’s teeth it will also cause indigestion and gastrointestinal blockage. Besides these any hard materials are to be avoided, this also includes hard-cooked bones. You can feed your dog raw bones, however, make sure that your dog does not consume any cooked bones. Basically, any chew that would hurt if you banged it against your knee should not be given to your dog.

You can give your dog rawhide, however, it is important that the rawhide is specially designed by a vet. If not it can be dangerous as it is difficult to digest, although some dogs are completely okay with rawhide.

There are many digestible chews for your dog that you can look for at, that are completely safe for your dog. However, make sure that large chunks are not consumed because even if the chew is digestible it can still cause GI blockage or an upset stomach.

Another problem of dog chews (that are safe) is that they are consumed quite quickly, this can be more costly than hooves and bones. In order to balance your expenses try to give your dog chew toys along with edible chews. Flavored dental chews and bully sticks are just some of the options out of many.

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