How Boccia Became What It is Today

If you have ever followed the Paralympics to any serious extent, you would probably know a thing or two about a sport known as Boccia. It is one of the fastest growing sports in the world especially when you look at people that suffer problems with their limbs or other disabilities that prohibit free and fast movement. This is because of the fact that it has been designed for people that suffer from severe physical disabilities. In many ways Boccia is a miracle of modern sporting science. It is a way for people that barely have any control over their bodies to not just play a game but to excel in it, make a career out of it and compete with other people in a way that would give them a legitimate amount of respect from the people around them.

The sport is a part of the Paralympics, and has been a regular feature in that particular event since it debuted in the year 1984. The debut was made in a city that is often referred to as the capital of the world, none other than New York City itself. What’s truly amazing is that in this debut it was already clear that Boccia was a force to be reckoned with, a sport that could potentially change the way people with severe physical disabilities approached the world around them. One could see that from the fact that nineteen people participated in the first Boccia competition conducted in the Paralympics, and these players came from five different countries. Judging by this alone, one can see that Boccia was already an incredibly international enterprise even in 1984 when it was first included in the Paralympics.

From there, the sport had nowhere to go but up. Boccia is now played in no less than fifty countries around the world and has truly become a global sport that a lot of players have actually been able to make careers out of. The truly incredible thing about Boccia is that it is not an adaptation of some Olympic sport that was made out of pity for the disabled community. Much on the contrary, it is a sport made by the community for the community and does not have any counterpart in the Olympics. It is one of just two sports that manages to have this distinction.

There are a lot of prominent Boccia players out there that have made names for themselves. A good example of such players is Nigel Murray, a British legend who has been crowned national Boccia champion no less than twelve times! He has also received four medals at the Paralympics, proving that there is a lot of success to be had within this game. Eliseu Dos Santos is another widely known name. He has won gold, silver and bronze medals at Paralympic events and has enjoyed an illustrious career as someone that plays Boccia on a regular basis.

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