The Addiction We Don’t Talk About

Okay so before we get into this, I want you to imagine a scenario. Two of your friends are addicted to substance. Let’s say that friend A is addicted to opiates and friend B has a drinking problem. You’ll be more likely to view friend A as a junkie but you’ll still think of friend B as someone who should probably drink less, but you won’t judge them as harshly. This is because we’ve stigmatised drugs without understanding them first and it’s come to a point where we no longer know what’s good for us and what’s bad, just what we’re told.

In many states, marijuana was illegal until just recently. However, alcohol has been legal throughout and it still claims hundreds of lives daily, while we’ve never once come across a case of marijuana overdose. The idea behind this page isn’t to advocate the legalization of marijuana, it’s to spread awareness of how dangerous and addictive alcohol is and how you might know someone struggling with alcoholism. This doesn’t mean that you start avoiding your alcoholic friends now that you know that alcohol is a dangerous drug, you need to do your part to help get these people to rehab.

The word ‘rehab’ is associated with a lot of negativity and at worst, they’ll make it sound like some kind of prison but in truth, rehab centers are actually very nurturing and positive environments. All drug addictions stem from some other problems that get ignored. This is why a good alcohol rehab Gloucester clinic will actually help patients unravel their problems rather than just detoxify and try not to start again. Rehab is a guided process that can have many positive effects on a person.

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